Parent Rights




You have a child in the public education school system; therefore, you have rights. 

All these rights can be confusing and very overwhelming.   

By understanding your rights, you are protecting yourself and your child

and giving your child the best education possible.  




  Prior written notice  The school district must provide the parent with a written notice, at least 5 days before initiating or changing your child's educational placement.   
  Parent consent The school must get the consent of a parent to do an initial evaluation of your child in order to determine if you child is eligible for received services.  The school must also get parental consent before special education services are provided to the child, and when it comes time in reevaluate your child.  
  Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE)  Parents have the right to an independent Educational Evaluation if they disagree with the school's evaluation.     
  Confidentiality  Parents have a right to see all of their child's school records, and parental permission is required before disclosing their child's records to any other person (other than school officials).  The school must also keep record of anyone who veiws the child's records.  
  Amendment of records at parent's request  If a parent finds anything in their child's records that they believe is incorrect or false, they have a right to request that the information be changed or deleted.  If the school disagrees, the parents have a right to a hearing.   
  Children placed in private school if FAPE is an issue  If a parent believes their child is not receiving a free, appropriate public education (FAPE) and feel a private education would, then a hearing officer can order the public school to reimburse the cost of the public services, if they prove to be appropriate.    
  Protections for children determined not eligible for special education and related services   A student may claim the protections of the discipline section of IDEA if the school "had knowledge" he/she was a student with a disability prior to the behavior in question.    


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