Confidential Communications 
**  The name of the student has been changed for privacy **


What is the special need of your child? 
Downs Syndrome
What are the personal goals for the education of your child? 
We will work with Katie so she graduates from high school and goes on to a "2" year college
 that will teach her more of "life Skills" so she can be independent in her living in the future.


What is your current relationship with
the school, special education, and administration? 
We have always had a very positive relationship with the school system.
We do challenge them with assisting Katie and they are respectful to us
as we work on a system that is best for Katie to learn.

How can it be improved? 
I am sure we could talk more via email and I could tweak some things,
 but I need to attend class time to see how things do happen.

What form of communication is used?  How often? 
Email is our best communication AND
I drop her off at school every morning so I talk daily with
the teachers and Educational Assistants.

How often do you communicate with the school?

How effective is the special education program?
It is a very positive and pro-active program in the schools.
How flexible is the program to meet the needs to your child? 
There are people available at all times to work with Katie on her goals
and appropriate behavior choices that she needs to learn.

  What problems have you had with the school?
nothing currently, we've been very fortunate.
Are you a part of any parent group?
The Downs Syndrome group in eastern South Dakota is called New Directions.
 I am currently the Activities Director for the group.


What communication do you have with other parents?
Monthly I meet with the New Directions group.  We can say weekly
that we see other parents that have downs syndrome children and we just
talk about how our days work, having children with special needs.

What community involvement does your child have? 
She is in a dance group called "Alternative Dance Class" that is held at Dance Gallery
 in downtown Sioux Falls.  She is also active at our church,  attending Sunday school
(she has a teenager with her there also) and in choir for her age group.
She attends an after school care called Hope C.A.R.E. where the children have taken her under her wing...
she does very well there.

Are you satisfied with your communication with your child?
No, that is an area that we are working on always...
words are getting clearer BUT,
we have work that needs to be completed in that area.


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