Mnemonics for Writing  




T -    Topic sentence
R -      note Reasons
E - Examine reasons
E -       note Ending 

P -                                    Pick a formula
E -       explore words to fit in the formula
N -                                   note the words
S - Subject verb identification comes next

P - Preview, review, and predict
A -     Ask and Answer questions
S -           Summarize information
S -            Synthesize information

D -                        Decide on your exact position
E -             Examine the reasons for your position
F - Form a list of points that explains each reason
E -       Expose your position in the first sentence.
N -        Note each reason and supporting points.
D -   Drive home the position in the last sentence.
S -                         Search for errors and correct

P -                        Pick your topic and writing format
L - list the information and ideas to be used in writing.
E -                                 Evaluate - is the list correct?
A -        Activate the paragraph with a topic sentence.
S -                                 supply a supporting sentence
E -                                    End with a concluding sent

C -  Have I Capitalized the first word and proper names?
O -     How is the Overall appearance?  Have I made any handwriting, margin, messy, or spacing errors?
P -     Have I used Punctuation, commas, and semicolons correctly?
S - Do the words look as if they are Spelled right?  Can I sound them out, or should I use a dictionary?

H -              How is my Heading, which should include name, date, subject, and page number?
O -      Am I Organized?  Did I start on the front of the page, are my margins okay, and is the paper well spaced?
W -            Is the paper Written neatly?  Are words or numbers on the line and are they neatly formed?  Are errors neatly erased or crossed out?

W -                        Write on every other line.
R -                    Read the paper for meaning.
I -             Interrogate yourself, using COPS
T - Take the paper to someone to proofread.
E -                               Execute a final copy.
R -               Reread your paper a final time.


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