My Teaching


        Teachers must be life-long learners.  To be a successful educator, teachers must have a passion for learning.  Children will not take pride in their education if their teacher does not reflect what is expected of their students.  In addition, teachers must be excited about what their teaching.  The more enthusiasm a teacher expresses the more the students will be intrigued and willing to learn. 

     Each student is an individual; therefore, each student should be treated so.  I am willing to make accommodations and modifications for students who need extra assistance.  Perhaps a student is only able to focus if assignments are short, I am more than willing to chunk their assignment into smaller sections to help them achieve success.  I also believe students may learn various ways.  To meet the needs of each student, I will teach using an assortment of methods.  I will never be firm in my methods as times change, students change, and the classroom is different each day.  I am, and always be, open to new ideas.
     In addition to teaching using various methods, I will also assess different ways as well.  Students are diverse in the ways they learn and the ways they prove they have learned.  By using an assortment of assessments and evaluations such as portfolios, projects, group activities, paper/pencil test, I will hopefully meet the needs of each student.  Students need to be assessed to assure they are meeting state standards; however, there is more than one way of doing so.

     All children deserve the right to learn.  It will be my job and is my passion, as their teacher, to stimulate their minds using a variation of methods to teach and an array of assessments to evaluate.  By doing so, I hope to provide students with an opportunity for academic success.