September 30, 2009


Dear School Administrator:


I want to thank you for considering my request to student teach in your district.  My name is Casey Materese.   I graduated from Roosevelt High School in Sioux Falls, SD.  Currently, I am a senior at Dakota State University pursuing a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education and K-12 Special Education.  In addition to the two majors, I will be graduating with minors in K-12 Educational Technology and preK-12 Reading as well as an Assistant Coaching endorsement.  I am enthusiastic about education and eager to use the skills the courses at DSU have taught me. 


All children deserve an opportunity to learn and be successful when doing so.  I believe all teachers should have a passion for educating and feed on the accomplishment of the students.  Through a variety of teaching methods (i.e. direct instruction, presentations, group work, technology) and an assortment of assessments (i.e. portfolios, projects, summaries, observations) I hope give the students an opportunity to be academically successful.  I will evaluate often and will use a combination of pre and post assessments as a way to document student progress.  With a background in Special Education, I understand and support the idea of accommodations to meet the studentsí needs.  I am willing to modify my instruction as a proactive approach for the students to reach success.  I believe all students are capable of learning; however, they have to be given a fair opportunity to do so.  


Thank you again for considering my request to be involved in your district.  I feel you would provide me with an opportunity to expand my knowledge and guide me to be a successful educator.  Please feel free to visit my web page, email me, or contact me for a personal interview. 


Sincerely yours,



Casey Materese


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